For Couples

To my darling future couples...

The other night as I was driving home from one of my couple’s wedding, the thought popped into my mind that marriage is crazy. What you are about to enter into is completely maddening. It’s exhilarating and heartbreaking. You give your whole self to another person, and you promise to take care of the whole self of that same person. It’s the boldest declaration of love you can make to another human; that you will stand with them, hands tightly clasped, through all the hard + easy life has to throw at you. It’s beautiful and brave. The day you make your vows to each other is the day your lives begin. Everything before was just a really great build up to the best part of your story…because truly, what is life without your completing half? And the day you go all-in with one another deserves to be documented with meticulous care. And I promise to handle all of the memories I document for you with that care. You can trust me.

So you can always know the love that was felt in your life.

        Sometimes I see life in still shots with my husband, Tyler. I want to capture all of our moments together and save them for my future babies. Not because I’m a raging narcassist, but because I know the extreme love and attachment I feel to my parents, and especially to my mom. As I grow further and further into adulthood, I see them for the complex people that they are. I love getting a glimpse of their lives before me, and while I was around but not paying attention. I now appreciate more who they are, and I want to see and know them fully. I suppose that’s why I find myself scouring through old photo albums of the 2 of them. I’m getting to know them all over again. 

        On one of my trips home, I sat in my childhood kitchen while my mom talked about her trip to Barbados with my dad’s parents (where they were my grandparent’s 3rd or 4th choice to invite). I loved every minute I got to soak up of her storytelling. And a year later when Tyler found me the photo album my mom made from the trip in my parent’s basement, I was SO excited. It was funny and sweet, and the photos showed a side of my dad I had never seen before… A young, wilder man enjoying the beach (I’ve only known him as a 45ish+ year old). And to make it better, my mom wrote hilarious photo captions in blue pen all over the pages. When I told my mom about the album, she told me that she had completely forgotten that she made it. She was howling as I read her what she wrote next to their photos. Getting to know them through photos of their past will always be invaluable to me.

        I want to give that to my future babies. And I want to give that to your future babies. And equally as important, I want to give that to everyone who wants a reminder of who you were at that time, including yourselves. Our time here is short, our moments are precious and fleeting. I believe in helping my couples capture honest photos that will be cherished and looked through forever.

you two... together.


Some days you just catch the view of your person a little differently. I have this photo of Tyler in our first crappy basement apartment in his white t-shirt, under the covers, smiling at me through his sleepy eyes. I felt so in love with him in that moment, I had to take a photo to remember it. Everytime I see that photo, I feel that feeling again, back in our little basement apartment. And sometimes when I want to rip my hair out because of a fight with him, it’s a welcomed reminder that I love him so much and feel incredibly lucky to have him.

This is the gift I want to give to all of my couples. The gift of remembering the love that was felt in your life. Document more than just your engagements and your wedding day. Have beautiful photos taken of you two (and whatever babies, fur or human, find their way to your home) at the big times in your lives, and during the years where “nothing” is really happening. I promise it’s happening. Your delicate, precious lives are taking place everyday, and you will want to remember all the love–you to your human and your human to you.